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Re: Web TV with 128b exported

At 02:39 PM 10/7/98 -0500, Steve Bryan wrote:
>David Honig wrote:
>>I'd guess that the Export control puppets know that the Web-TV hubs will
>>be subpoena-able by the US even in these other "sovereign" nations.
>>The WebTV centralized infrastructure makes this easy.
>This announcement seems to be getting a lot of this sort of reaction but I
>don't see quite why the news is greeted with such animosity. If a duly
>authorized search warrant is required in order to obtain information that
>represents a potential world of difference from having unrestricted ability
>to monitor all communications.
>Steve Bryan

The announcement would be a lot better if foreigners were "permitted"
strong disk
encryption; or if foreigners were "permitted" the high grade anonymity that
packet routing can provide.  

Do you think the US would allow strong crypto WebTV for foreigners if the
foreigners had secure links to an equivalent, independent, foreign WebTV
service whose assets were not readily seized, whose techs were not easily
made into Agents, whose officers were not readily kidnappable by the USDoJ,

Just think of the cookie recipes the infidels would be circulating..

I really doubt Osama subscribes to WebTV.  :-)