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change subject lines! (Re: GPL & commercial software, the critical distinction (fwd))

Could you guys _please_ change the subject lines to match what you are
talking about, when the thread strays from the original subject lines

It slows one down to have to scan further than subject fields.  Why
are you using subject fields about `GPL software' to discuss
monopolies / minarchy etc., interesting tho' these discussions may be,
please lable the subject line accordingly!



Jim and others:

> That's inaccurate. The Mafia pre-dated the US by several hundred years if
> not more (depends on how one wants to choose the bloodline). Most
> definitely they predated the bans on alcohol.
> As to the coke market, In S. America it has been around for quite a while as
> well. The chemical has been used medicinaly for hundreds of years until just
> recently.