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Re: Request for Assistance

You mean to tell me that the GOV is actually going to try to make a
case against someone on *this* mailing list for sending threatening
mail?  Gimme a break!  Have you actually perused any archives of
this list?  If you did, and filtered out any of the crypto/privacy-relevant
posts, you'd be hard pressed to find *anything* that you could take
seriously at all, let alone construe to be threatening.  Unless of course
you take space aliens hiding your drugs to be threatening.

And what, you're from the IRS?  What, was the IRS threatened?  And
this would surprise you how?  Did they threaten to hide the IRS' drugs?
Were they posing as space aliens?  And how come you didn't contact
me?  Does that mean that I'm under investigation?  Or do you just not
like me?  Or were you not sniffing my network connection at the time
to make your illegal determination that I'm on the Cypherpunks mailing

I'd have to agree with Mr. 'X' that you guys have a lot of nerve coming
to this list and asking for assistance in what's probably an illegal
and illegitimate investigation in the first place, looking to claim another
victim in the seemingly never-ending destruction of the rights
of the common man by the faceless fascist government regime.

Or, to sum up, piss off.

At 12:17 PM 10/8/98 -0600, X wrote:
>Good luck in your pursuit.  I think, in the future, you might want to offer
>us the customary 800 number to call you on to rat on our acquaintances.
>Two things worry me about your approach:
>1) how do you know what emails I get and why in the world do you think it's
>any of your business?
>2) is this suspicion by acquaintance?
>I'm sure you already know this, but I just recently joined the list so I
>know nothing about anything threatening on this list.  The biggest threat I
>see is from people publicizing that the government is sniffing out email
>addresses and categorizing them based on what they _receive._
>Dangerous pursuit, dangerous precedent.
>Watch what side you're on.
>(although I have to admit, you have a lot of guts to come in here and ask
>'free-thinking individuals" to help you gang up on a guy.)
>~> -----Original Message-----
>~> From: Gordon Jeff INSP [mailto:[email protected]]
>~> Sent: Thursday, October 08, 1998 8:42 AM
>~> To: '[email protected]'
>~> Subject: Request for Assistance
>~> Hello,
>~> The IRS and United States Attorney's office are looking for assistance
>~> in a criminal investigation involving threatening messages which were
>~> posted to the Cypherpunks mailing list.  This e-mail address was noted
>~> to be one of those which receives the Cypherpunks list.  I would
>~> appreciate it if you would contact me to discuss whether you would be
>~> willing to assist us in this matter, and what records or information you
>~> have relating to the Cypherpunks list.  You can contact me at this
>~> e-mail address or at (503) 326-2787.
>~> Thanks
>~> Jeff