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Crescendo News - October 1998

CRESCENDO NEWS - October 1998

Well, we're back from Internet World, and have a lot of exciting 
things to let you know about!  The foliage in Massachusetts is 
finally turning color, the air is crisp, and it's almost time to
start thinking about tuning up the snowboard.

Here are some of the items covered in this newsletter:

* Paula Cole's "I Don't Want To Wait" streams with Crescendo Forte
* Crescendo Forte featured at Fall Internet World
* Behind the scenes - how to create Crescendo Forte music
* EP Release by Crescendo Forte artist "Gigi"
* What is a "SYSX"?
* Powerful authoring tools available in our online store
* Subscribing / Unsubscribing



Have you visited the Crescendo Forte Showcase lately?  The latest 
addition to our growing showcase is the Crescendo Forte version of 
Paula Cole's hit single "I Don't Want To Wait". This is a historic 
event - Paula has become the first major artist *ever* to have her 
content featured using Crescendo Forte.  As the winner of the 1998 
Grammy for "Best New Artist", Cole's latest album "This Fire" has 
fostered three major singles including "I Don't Want To Wait," 
which has been pegged as the theme to the new hit TV series, 
Dawson's Creek. KizoMusic produced this incredible demo using 
Crescendo Forte to add high-quality drums, piano, and bass guitar 
to a RealAudio-encoded version of the original cut from the CD.  
You don't need anything more than a 28.8 modem and a Pentium-class 
PC to enjoy both the video and audio versions of this song. See and 
hear it for yourself at the Crescendo Forte Showcase, 



At the Fall Internet World conference earlier this month in New 
York City, standing-room-only crowds watched on and listened as 
RealNetworks presented the latest technology for music broadcast 
on the Internet.  Featured in their presentation was Crescendo 
Forte, playing a video clip from Paula Cole.  If you weren't able 
to make it to Internet World, you can still see and hear the 
Paula Cole clip by visiting the Crescendo Forte Showcase at



So your band has a CD to promote and you want to make the 
highest quality presentation over the Internet?  RealSystem G2 
and Crescendo Forte together deliver a rich listening experience 
requiring very low bandwidth.  Learn how to take your existing 
music and publish it using Crescendo Forte with our new step-by-step 
production guide, available on-line at 
http://www.liveupdate.com/cforte/authoring.html.  When you're done, 
send us your files for review and we may feature your music on the 
Crescendo Forte Showcase area!



If you liked what you heard from Gigi in the Crescendo Forte 
Showcase, you'll love her new 6-song CD!  Part of Crescendo Forte's 
appeal is that it allows less-well-known acts such as Gigi to get 
broad exposure.  To thank all of you for listening to her music, 
she has agreed to distribute her new CD, "Tinted Window", which 
contains full studio productions of her songs that are highlighted
on the showcase, for just $6.95 including shipping & handling.  Order 
on-line today at https://secure.liveupdate.com, and you'll receive 
the CD by mail, so that you can enjoy her music both on and off-line.



You have probably seen an option in the Crescendo pull-down menu 
titled "Enable SYSEX Messages", and might have wondered what the 
option means.  Crescendo PLUS supports playback of System Exclusive 
(SYSX) messages.  Ever wonder how that General MIDI song you 
downloaded automatically configures delay, reverb, distortion, and 
patch edits while it plays?  MIDI files use embedded SYSX messages
to control synthesizer settings.  Crescendo PLUS will detect and 
send these hidden SYSX messages to your synthesizer or sound card.  
Many commercially manufactured MIDI files contain SYSX messages, 
so you may not hear what the MIDI musician intended until you get 
Crescendo PLUS.  Crescendo PLUS is available for $19.95 at our 
on-line store, https://secure.liveupdate.com.  Get it now, and hear 
what you've been missing!



With the right tools, you can be a Crescendo composer.  The 
Crescendo PLUS Roland Edition for Windows 95/98 has everything 
you need to create and play great music on the Internet.  Here's 
what you get:

*Cakewalk Express 
    - record, edit, mix, and publish your own MIDI files
*Do Re Mix 
    - drag and drop ready-made musical parts to create instant songs 
*Crescendo PLUS for Internet Explorer and Netscape 
    - play streaming music over the Internet
*Virtual Sound Canvas software synthesizer 
    - Orlando's wavetable instrument sounds for your PC
*Plus over 100 ready-made MIDI song files to use in your productions

The Crescendo PLUS Roland Edition, with all of the above, is 
available for $65, including shipping and handling!  Visit 
http://www.liveupdate.com/soundcanvas.html for more details, 
or to order now.



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