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Re: ATTN: BlackNet, sog's keys 4 sale

At 6:41 PM -0700 10/13/98, Anonymous wrote:
>Dear BlackNet,
>TOTO Enterprises, Bienfait, Saskatchewan hereby offers
>for sale sog's key under the BlackNet anonymous
>information market.
>Payments must be in anonymous ecash delivered to a
>digital dead drop to be arranged later.
>Or alternatively, we are willing to take bids in
>bottles of Scotch delivered to TOTO Key Escrow
>Services, Box 281, Bienfait, Saskatchewan SOC OMO.

Hey, I could tell you all that BlackNet was used a while back to distribute
some of the keys used by The Performance Artist Sometimes Known as Toto.

But that then might earn _me_ a subpoena, so I won't.

There are more things in cyberspace than are dreamt of in our religions,
Horatio Alger (hiss).

--Tim May

Y2K: A good chance to reformat America's hard drive and empty the trash.
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