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CJ Indicted

Court docket shows that CJ has been indicted for:

  18:115A.F Threaten to Murder certain Federal Law
  Enforcement Officers and Judges

This is in addition to the original complaint:

  For Violation of 18:115(a)(1)(B): Threatening to assassin
  IRA officers 

Yes, it says "assassin IRA."

The other humor is that upon indictment for criminal charges
on September 30 a bench warrant was issued for CJ's arrest.
The arrest warrant was "returned unexecuted" on October 9,
due to "warrant issued in error" by the same magistrate who
issued the first arrest warrant on August 5, apparently forgetting
or not knowing that CypherAssassin2 was mental evaluing with 
CypherAssassin1 in MO. 

See the docket:


BTW, on why Jim Bell and CJ stopped over in OKC on the way 
to Springfield, we've learned that the Federal Transportation
Center is in OKC. It so happens that the Bureau of Prisons issued 
a wad of rules and regs today just to handle the growing crowd of
alleged IRA-Nobelists and international Chuckies: