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Re: Off-Topic

At 01:23 PM 10/17/98 +0200, Marcel Popescu wrote:
>Sorry for the off-topic, but does anybody know of a list related to
>militias, gun-control and the like?

Sure. Try alt.gun-nut.psycho.felon.wannabe.

be sure to Cc: the IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA, NSU, ICQ and SS.

Enjoy your newfound status as 3l33t and to be f34r3d!!!

Gee, Hey Tim, perhaps you could provide directions in technicolor like you
did for the bag lady not long ago. 

Oh, BTW Mr. Popescu, Pppttthhuuuuu!!!!!!

	Fear has a scent and Money has a color,
	but Stupid walks right up and slaps you in the face,
	Every time.

						-- me, I think.