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Re: What's up with algebra.com?

As far as algebra.com is concerned, the list went down because
my upstream site just installed anti-relaying rules, and everything
going to algebra.com was rejected. Also, sendmail was not setuid
and could not create mqueue files.

I wish I could boast receiving attention from the IRS/BATF or 
whatever, but so far i has not happened.


John Young wrote:
> What with the Feds now going after CJ for attempted
> murder of federal officials (film ad overkill!), Jeff Gordon 
> soliciting cypherpunk subscribers to flesh that fancy, 
> and one CDR operator flattered with a subpoena, it'd be 
> prudent to have a way to check on whether a CDR node 
> has been taken down or turned, and the operator hogtied 
> with the system as evidence (or forced to run a sting to 
> gather it), before a clamp's put on telling what's going on.
> May be too late, too late.
> Recall it's a major offense for revealing placement of a 
> wiretap, surveillance or a covert investigation -- especially 
> if you're assisting, willingly or unwillingly.
> Not that one should advocate hiding what might be construed
> as evidence or exposing underbelly work that's ordered concealed. 
> Why that might be taken to be pushing a conspiracy against 
> WMD-crazed authority rather than promoting personal hygiene 
> with lots of sunshine and vigorous exercise of rights to fanciful
> imaginings of what a world would be like without minders galore.
> Whistling in the dark, mind you.
> Consider that there are 118,000 federal prisoners. That's a very 
> big inhospitality business, and its growing, private and feds rubbing
> hands and futures. For an overview of exactly how the chain 
> operates (in case you're planning a stay or a stock buy) gander 
> the list of its bountiful rules and regs:
>    http://jya.com/bop-progstat.htm
> Inmates are forbidden access to the Internet (PS 1241.02 Internet
> and the World Wide Web), however, they are encouraged to do 
> creative writing (PS 5350.07 Inmate Manuscripts), so Jim Bell,
> CJ and a few of us deserve a suite overlooking the garden of
> evil.

	- Igor.