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RealPlayer G2 Full Beta Release *Now Available*

Dear RealPlayer Customer,

At RealNetworks, we take pride in continually 
improving our RealPlayer products for you.  We 
think you'll find that our latest RealPlayer 
release, RealPlayer G2 full beta, is a significant 
improvement over earlier versions.

With RealPlayer G2 full beta, you'll notice dramatic 
quality enhancements in RealVideo with the 
introduction of RealVideo G2.  RealVideo G2, which 
uses technology from Intel, delivers smoother video 
with higher frame rates.

There's more. Read on, or download now:

==> http://www.real.com/products/player/fullbeta20.html

Aside from being even more reliable than RealPlayer
G2 Beta 1, the major improvements in RealPlayer G2 
full beta are:

*  The new RealVideo G2 offers smoother and more 
   life-like video with technology from Intel
*  SureStream delivers a reliable, continuous 
   streaming media experience without rebuffering 
   or breakups.  SureStream now supports live 
*  More programming, more choices with RealChannels 
   and presets - just one click away
*  For high-bandwidth users, RealAudio is now 

With all these exciting new features you have to 
experience the excitement yourself.  Download now, 
watch some great new content, and ENJOY!

==> http://www.real.com/products/player/fullbeta21.html

Thank you for continuing to use RealNetworks 

Maria Cantwell
Senior Vice President
RealNetworks, Inc.
Seattle, WA  USA



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