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Are you a skeptic when it comes to health and well being
products that claim they can do everything they say they can? Well I am and
I did
not believe this product worked until I tried it out on myself and found out
that it really does work.  Do you suffer from discomfort of any kind? 
Are you looking for something that can relieve that discomfort?  Well
this product may be the answer!  My name is Tony and I am promoting a product
that is beginning its introduction in the United States from a company
in Japan which involves the use of special magnets for wellness therapy. 
You may have seen other companies claiming that magnets help reduce
discomfort from anything from headaches to cramps to sore muscles but their
magnets are not nearly as effective as they should be because of the way they
were designed. This is where I come in, I am promoting a company whose magnets
are specially designed to stimulate all the nerve endings in your
body by the special diamond design that is patented by only one company in
the world.  Other magnets have the north and south poles (where the magnetic
power is held) in a standard straight up and down design but the magnets
I promote have the patented diamond design where the poles do not run up
and down but are angled in all directions in order to stimulate each nerve
ending.  Since our bodies are not designed where our nerve endings are up
and down we need something that will be able to cover us in all directions. 
These special magnets have been tested on people with many different
kinds of discomfort ranging from anywhere to a simple minor headache to
muscle cramps, heartburn, aching backs, tired feet, bruises, cuts,
indigestion, physical discomfort from stress, even dental plaque!  All the
test subjects showed moderate to complete recovery from these and many other
discomforts they suffered.  These magnets not only ease your discomfort but
they also provide you with a little extra strength and energy when you
need it the most.  Even if you just bumped your head or have suffered from
chronic discomfort from something for years this product will help ease
it as long as you keep it on your body.  In some people they got results in
a matter of minutes from slight discomfort but for patients who have been
suffering the results may take a few days to notice a difference.  This does
work on anyone in any age group from small children to senior citizens,
however, pregnant women and anyone with heart devices should not use this
product.  People who have had surgery done who have had any kind of metal
or plastic can use this product also!  To find out more please reply to me,
Tony, and ask me about these magnets.  I can tell you that any other magnet
you buy at a cheap discount price ie $18 for a whole set  that they do not
work because of the north and south magnetic poles are being up and down.
This company has a patented design where the north and south poles run in
every direction stimulating each nerve ending in our body.  I can tell you
that this product really works and for just $18 I can send you a magnet that
will help relieve just about any minor physical discomfort you suffer from.
I also have a long line of other products that use these patented magnets
such as: shoe inserts that will help soothe tired and sore feet but will
also soothe your body all the way up your legs, wrist bands, ankle bands,
knee bands that have the magnets throughout the entire band, a belt, even a
gold or pearl necklace with the magnets built in!  PLease reply if you are
interested or would like further information.

Thank you