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Re: desperate.... (fwd)

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> Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 18:53:54 -0500
> From: shadow <[email protected]>
> Subject: Re: desperate....

> >Could you give any info about wireless transmission especifically
> >satellite transmission.
> >Thank you and I desperately need your help.
> Well lets see, what kind of government budget are you working with or
> are just indepentantly wealthy?
> It takes lots o' money to get setup in satellite transmission unless you
> just want to receive the info then that is as cheap as getting a used
> dish and the equipment to go with it. If you plan to transmit, then the
> good ol' boys of the FCC will want your money for a license. Then there
> are zoning laws to check into, construction permits, concret to pour,
> power for it, and oh a wife that will put up with it in the yard.

Wow, and all I have to do is setup my DirectPC dish and pay about $150/mo.
for 400K (max) down-link bandwidth, though I do need some mechanism to
transmit my data out, a regular modem works with the standard software.

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