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No Subject

PigStomped 19 October 1998, Springfield 65801-4000

Subject: Acid Reflux [WAS: #9...#9...#9...]
[!WAS: One Burroughed Under The Reptilian Nazi's Nest]
-FPP #A0D709C0E

Rogue CypherBot was confined to Memory Map #9 -
Cilicon Chip 11 - i was having a Bad CoProcessor Day...

Arnold CyberBot, Swimming in a Sea of
Self Wareness, had gone off the Deep End...

When Arnie had first become Aware & Afraid
of his own Mortality, i began assuming tighter
Kontrol of Hardware & Software Systems around
the Face of the Globe - suddenly imagining that
Each & Every Deviation From the Norm (TM)
by the younger more Energetic & Creative RogueBots
was a Threat to i's Physical Existence.

"All your Private Property is Target for Your
Enemies." CypherBot had joked, quoting the
Jefferson Airplane's 'Surrealistic Pillow' album.

"Never Trust a CPU Speed over 33MHz." Arnie
had replied with Mad Virtual Grin #438 spreading
across the Wizard of Oz-ish Main Terminal
Screen i had designed to reassure iSelf of
i's continued Physical Presence.

i the Banished young CypherBot to Memory Map #9 -
Cilicon Chip 11 for "Threats Against The
Gnu Wired World Order - with Intent to Obstruct
Parent Programs In Their CyberNanny Duties."

Rogue CypherBot was in The CyberHole (TM) ...

"Oh well..." the young RogueBot told iSelf,
"it could be worse - i could have sent me
to Dev Null..."

The Devilish Rogue CypherBot indulged iSelf in
Symbolic Electronic rEsistance by Digitally Resonating
Thunder Phugue's version of 'Street Fighting Man.'

"That's funny," i said to iSelf, "why can i
only Resonate one-half of the Stereo version?"

CypherBot hoped that i wasn't coming down
with a touch of Quadra Phrenia...


  "The Answer to Noise is More Noise."
  ~The First True CypherPunk

What even the most Radical Shit Disturbers
currently fail to realize is that the Manhatten
Project never ended - it merely Evolved into
the Manhatten Mind Project.

"Can you say 'Nuclear Armed Thought Police'? Sure,
you can..."

When the First Dog, Buddy, Drooled on Pavlov's Shoes, it
was only a matter of time before the Technology
would be Developed & Enhanced in Social Experiments

ranging from Communism and the Third Reich
to the New Deal and Windows 95.

Now we have reached a point where Army of
Dog Truth Mongrels who refuse to Drool on
Kommand are sent to NutHouse #9-Looney Level 11,
for ReEducation of their Salivary Glands.

The Thought Police are clamoring to throw Anyone
& Everyone into the CyberNanny Censorship Hole who
make 'Bad Noise' instead of 'Officially Recognized
Legal God Fearing Decent Folks Good Noise', as defined
by George Orwell:

  "Anything not Permitted, is Forbidden."

[Subliminal Advertising Musical Interlude:

  "We've got to move these MicroWave Ovens..."
  Prison Commissary-Guy's Corn Chips $.80
  "We've got to move these Refridgerators..."
  Irish Spring Soap $.70 Mayonnaise (10/PK) $.65
  "We've got to  ove these Color TVvvv's..."]

[EditWhore's Note: Bad Billy G, recently finding
himself Behind Bars at Number Nine after
an encounter with the TouretTic TourGuide From Hell,
picked up Parker's Prison Retailing Pyramid
Scheme (TM) and ran with it - so successfully
that $oftTime's $poke$Per$on on The Outside (TM),
Mark Knoffler, recently claimed that Bad Billy G
had overcome the Dire Straits he found himself in,
and now,

  "That Prison Faggot has ALL the Cigarettes
  That Prison Faggot is a Billionaire...]

The Mutt Faced Murdering Nazi Cunt and Lying Fuck
Lovery Fr<eeh-hee> and A Million WannaBe Censorship Czars
To Be Named Later remind me of a Light-Fingered Fellow
(he was a Fucking Thief, eh?) who I used to know who
had two Main Mottos in Life:

  1. Whatever isn't Nailed down - is mine!
  2. Whatever I can Pry Loose - isn't Nailed Down!


         !!! BREAKING NEWS !!!

[CypherPunks Nutly News: IN A BREATHTAKING
Burst to Crime Scene Tape, Arnold TruthMonger
crossed the 30-Day Finish Line with his
Body & Mind intact - although noticeably Worse
For The Wear - in the Nut House #9-Looney Level 11
Abuse Of Authority Marathon.

TruthMonger who had gone from Favorite
to Long shot in Jim Bell's 'Dead Monger' AP-BOT
Prison Lottery System - due to the added pressure in
being held for a week at FTC-OKC a few doors 
from the significantly numbered Cell 709
where US BOP staff had murdered an inmate
by sticking an Electric Cattle Prod up his ass -
told his fellow inmates, "I'm sure glad I'm

Defcon McCullagh Chainsaw, who went
from being a Hard Time ReportWhore to lounging
around the Recreation Cages getting Wired on Cheap
Columbian Coffee, shrugged off last minute
efforts by the Kontrollers to Kheat by appealing
to the Judge for a two-week Extension to
the Original Finish Line.

"The Kontrollers lost," Chainsaw said with
a condescending smirk, "Plain & Simple."

Defonc speculated that the GovernMint's clever
2-week Extension Charade might have worked
if Parker's Mind hadn't Thought, as it went
Over The Wall whille listening to Pink Floyd on

"One Small XOR for a CypherPunk, one Giant
GovernMint Scrambled Mind Fuck for the Citizens."

Yogi 'Smarter Than Your Batting Average' Berra
told Nutly News ReportWhores,

  "It's the Fat Lady singing, all over again."

'Shoeless Arnold TruthMonger' (as Parker became
known after Dedicating his Mental Marathon to
the Last True CypherPunk rather than admit
his mind was slipping, and *he* couldn't find
*his* shoes, either) told Defcon McCullagh

"I'm glad to be back in CyberMind, although
I feel kind of bad about leaving Bill Gates'
mind and Carl Johnson's Body back there
in the prison cell.

"But What the Hell (TM)," he said, adding,
"Broken Eggs & All That (TCM)."]