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No Subject

Sure bet the "EOP" was jerking Softwar's chain, observing one or 
two levels deeper what he reports he was getting from his ISP.

Such reconnaissance by fire is customary practice, according 
to multi-level logs of the snoopers prowling the finer-grained
log levels down to what semi-skilled ISPs are able to keep track 
of, report on, and fend the prying devils/customers off with.

Watch out, though, for the deepwatchers of the recon teams
sent out as freshmeat from compsec training bases of the infrastructure
protection farms, some working for, running ISPs. Some of the 
recon by fire teams are bait the CI meanies use to snare those 
working both sides, you know, the venerated old salts "who set up 
Arpanet" and their hotshot inheritors at the best universities and 
tanks in the country convinced they know what's best for the 
churchgoers of techno future.

Software mentioned the name of one of them advising on how to 
do this, though it's not clear that Smith knew who he was 
inadverdently passing over while he was avidly trying to catch 
mechanical rabbits sent out to run the inbred speedsters 
ragged chasing easy prey, not knowing, not caring, they're on a 
track, just displaying they're trained to hang in there in sniffing
range of the bunny's ass: Brown, Foster, Podesta, Hillary, Bill.

EOP is not only what it's reported to be. Nor is any address that's
readily traceable. Onion layered they are, more than NRL knows.

Bet Anonymizer is not only what it's reported to be, that is, the 
semi-sharp operators don't know what it's being used to onion.

Are remailers, recon by fire. Like this?

Is strong encryption the answer? Right, peddle that.