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FWD: Judge does right thing - Rio goes to market

This is forwarded from the cyberia-l list; looks like the 
judge has done the right thing (or at least for this phase)
by allowing the Rio MP3 player to be shipped.  Yeah!

>Date:         Tue, 27 Oct 1998 03:29:39 -0400
>Sender: Law & Policy of Computer Communications <[email protected]>
>From: Michael Sims <[email protected]>
>Subject:      Rio goes to market
>The Judge in the Diamond Multimedia/RIAA lawsuit declines to extend
>her earlier order barring the shipment of the Rio device.
>"However, in the 18 page ruling handed down today, Judge Collins
>found that the plaintiff did not demonstrate a causal relationship
>between the Rio and unauthorized copying. Furthermore, she found that
>the Rio did not violate the AHRA in such a way as to warrant an
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