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Yet Another letter from Toto

This letter, pornmarked 23 October 1998 from Springfield Missouri, has
some good requests and the usual style of Toto-esque humor that we've
all grown accustomed to. I hope I got the drug names spelled right, or at
least as close to it as he did, because I know about some of these drugs
and it sounds serious.

(begin letter)

I need some medical info, and Attila
has shared some excellent material in the
past with me, so I was hoping he might be
able to send me Information Sheets on a few
(e.g. # Uses/Side Effects/Precuations/Interactions/etc.)

I'd like info on Zoloft, Zestril, Lithium, & Deprecote (?sp) - orange-ish
liquid capsules - ... and Tegretol and Respiradahl (?sp)

Also, if he could find any InterNet material
on Dr. Ruth Braun's current Tourette/Rage work,
or similar info, I would appreciate him
sending it to me.

If I get much more Government `Help,' I'm
going to be Dead, soon...

(I think if you tell the shrinks here that you
feel suicidal they handcuff your hands
behind your back, stand you on the toilet,
and suspend you from the light fixture
by a rope around your neck - so that you
don't hurt yourself, eh?)

I'm trying to produce as much CypherSpam
as possible while in Prison, so that the
CypherPunks computers don't get Dusty & Moldy
from sitting around with nothing to do.

(I figure my best chance at being released
from Prison is if the Manufacturers of <Delete>
Keys petition the GovernMint in order to
restore falling sales.
"If it saves the life of a single innocent KillFile...")

I'm learning a Trade at #9...
Cuckoo Clock!

Later Dude,

(end letter)