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Re: MIB Subponeas

Tim May <[email protected]> writes:
> * What about lawyer expenses? I know the line about "If you cannot afford one,
>   one will be appointed for you," but I've never understood what test of
>   "afford" is being used. If called before a grand jury, will they pay for a
>   lawyer? (E.g., if I decide I can't "afford" to pay some shyster to interpret
>   their legalese into ordinary English.)  (I assume there is some nonsense
>   about indigence, but can they force someone to prove he has no money?  What
>   if he money, but he needs that $5000 for school tuition more than he needs
>   to give it to Johnny Cockroach for a day's worth of shystering?)


    It is my understanding, from my brother in law (who is a practicing attorney
    in Pennsylvania) and from my sister's participation in a case in Texas that
    one does not have the right to have legal counsel present at a Grand Jury

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