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One Nation thank you

Dear One Nation supporter in NSW 
Pauline Hanson would like to personally thank you for the outstanding support that you gave to the party before and during the election.
Coverage of the events in Blair - including the One Nation party on election evening can be seen on-line at:

The author of a new book called "This Tired Brown Land" has accused the major
political parties of conspiring to keep immigration and population off the
election agenda. The book has already attracted good reviews.

Author Mark O'Connor today claimed that both the major political parties
were suppressing discussion in order to deny One Nation 'the oxygen of
publicity'. But it is exactly such bipartisan ignoring of public sentiment
on immigration which caused One Nation, and led to the enormous success of
Paul Sheehan's book Among the Barbarianns.

Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock recently launched the Coalition's
policy in Perth-too late in the day for the Eastern media to pick up the
story. Says author Mark O'Connor, 'Clearly the Coalition knows its policy
is not what the electorate wants.

'Polls show that the electorate has made up its mind. Only 2% or 3% of
voters want immigration increased; and they are outnumbered, some 30 to
one, by the 65% or 70% who want it reduced. Neither ethnic Australians nor
Aborigines support higher immigration. Most Australians support
multiculturalism, yet want an immediate moratorium on immigration.

'My book shows that in 1994-95 (under Labor) our net migration gain (ABS
figures) was 80,100 persons. Last year it was 83,700. Despite this, the
Coalition has tried to give the impression of reducing immigration. Some
critics have even accused the government of "racism" for "reducing
immigration". This is false.'

The book is available throough bookshops at $16.95, or
by cheque or money order from Duffy & Snellgrove for $19.95 (includes p&p) at
PO Box 177
Potts Point NSW 1335
fx 2 9386 1530
[email protected]
Scott Balson
Pauline Hanson's One Nation web master