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The reason that we are communicating to you is simple.  We understand that you are concerned with information security solutions and we need to get the news out about a new kind of technology, which we call Premonition.  You need to know that this brand new class of secure Internet publishing technology is in the final phase of development and our company is working hard to make it available!  Please take just a few moments to visit our web page located at www.tcii.net/premonition.  You will find that there are no requests to purchase anything.

We believe our company is on target and that information-based businesses and clients who need secure publishing will benefit.  This is an enormous opportunity involving the entire information publishing industry so we know we need help.  During this final development phase our company is now beginning to organize a network of business contacts across the country and around the world including those who may wish to participate or become associated with us in this venture.  For you to understand what this means you need an opportunity to visit our website at www.tcii.net/premonition.

So come to our web site for a visit.  If you like what you see then you can send us an email reply from our address on our web page. We know that you will find the general concept of our technology interesting and we will appreciate constructive suggestions.

But please do not wait and do not delay; this is a limited one-time window of opportunity for you to consider.  After this message your email address will be automatically added to our remove list and we will not try to target your address again.  We must limit the number of people we will send this message to.  However, you are welcome to forward this message on to other qualified professionals who you think may be interested.

We want to thank those of you who choose to participate for your honest review of www.tcii.net/premonition. You will see that sometimes it can be refreshing and worth your while to take a look at new information that drops in your email.

Transaction Control International, Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee