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Re: NZ or LA in Y2K

Anonymous wrote:
> At 07:54 PM 11/30/98 -3000, Igor Chudov @ home wrote:
> >
> >But objectively, there is a large category of people who are bored
> >with their current lifestyle and gleefully expect a "total breakdown"
> >of the society so that they could shoot live man sized targets instead
> >of boring paper targets.
> >
> >They are likely to be disappointed by Y2K, or so I expect. (again,
> >my expectation that social breakdown is not likely to happen does
> >not preclude me from reasonable preparations)
> When the power goes out, the rioting and looting starts
> in the cities.  (This isn't New Zealand, baby, this is LA)

You are missing my point.

Yes, it is possible that if power goes out, looting might occur.

I am now considering another possibility: what happens if the power DOES
NOT go out? What would the gunnuts do? Or, if the power does go out but
looting does not start, would the gunnuts shoot some blacks that they
mistake for "looters" but who are just walking down the streets?

> When the rioters get bored, they'll get into cars.
> When they run out of gas, they'll stay where they are stranded
> as the gas pumps don't work.  Some fine huntin' then, bubba.
>    Mr. Moisin-Nagant

That's Mosin-Nagant.

	- Igor.