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Re: New Brady Bill Implications

At 3:04 PM -0800 12/1/98, Frederick Burroughs wrote:
>Tim May wrote:
>>  As for the privacy implications of the instant check system, I abandoned
>> the NRA a few years ago when it began pushing this instant check system
>> (and also when some of its leaders were lukewarm in their support of gun
>> rights). It was obvious that it would lead to a fully computerized gun
>> registration system, as indeed it has...duh! The NRA claimed it would not,
>> but now they are busy getting ready to sue the FBI and other law enforcment
>> agencies to force them not to retain the information they get from the
>> instant check system. Duh, again. (This was all foreseeable to anyone with
>> half a brain.)
>The NRA is claiming that the database of citizens who purchase guns legally is
>prohibited by the Brady Bill. FBI claims it will be used for statistical
>only. What will the statistics be used for? In the near future, we might
>anyone with more than 0.5 brain (among other handicaps) to fail the
>instant check.
>Ahh, now I see why they call it the Brady Bill (sincere apologies to Mr.

Yes, statistical purposes only. Like the way the Census data are used for
statistical purposes only...except when used to round up those with
Japanese-sounding names.

(Pity in 1940 they weren't demanding that "race" be specified, as they now
do. Would've made finding all the Matsuis and Toyotas a bit easier.)

Here in California we have had computerized checks for many years, and now
the Dealer's Record of Sale (DROS) is almost always transmitted
electronically to the state capital. (One dealer said California will soon
"phase out" paper-based forms, and even small dealers will have to get

The effect is that a data base of gun owners is growing. "Guns: Negative"
and "Guns: Positive" are heard over police scanners (an illegal act, to
listen) as units roll up to residences. They check with the central data
base. Eric Blair is spinning.

--Tim May

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