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Re: Fwd: FC: Gun groups take aim at new FBI database

I've been chatting with Marc after he read the article; he confirmed his
stance and elaborated on it. I'll see if I can get his permission to
forward the message.

ACLU ("what second amendment?") takes the same position,I believe. 


At 06:11 AM 12-2-98 +0100, Lucky Green wrote:
>On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Declan McCullagh wrote:
>> >http://www.wired.com/news/news/politics/story/16561.html
>> >
>> >                     Gun Groups Take Aim at Database
>"EPIC director Marc Rotenberg likened the plan to driver licensing, adding
>that privacy safeguards should be in place."
>Well, at least this makes it clear where EPIC stands on civil liberties.
>License to exercise your rights under the 2nd, license to exercise your
>rights under the 1st...
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