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RE: "Export" controls

"Anonymous" wrote:

> >Can you give me an example of a commercial vendor who has suffered
> >because someone bought a "dangerous" product ( Windows, for example ) at
> >retail and carried it out of the country in a suitcase? My guess would
> I cannot give such example because hard crypto products are not available
> to
> the general public.
> I am unaware that microshit OS has hard crypto built-in. The only hard
> crypto
> package I have ever seen for sale at mail-order (and thus not anonymous)
> is
> NAI's PGP (and I have never seen any hard crypto available in a store for
> cash
> - but that can only mean that there is no perceived demand).
	[Trei, Peter]  

	I got my copy of NAI PGP 5.0 off of the shelf at
	CompUSA, a major retail chain (I did pay with plastic,
	but am 99.999...% certain that cash would have been
	accepted). The box *is* marked 'Not for export', but
	I don't recall seeing any other restrictions.

	Either 'anonymous' hasn't looked hard enough, or
	he/she/it's in another country.

	Peter Trei
	[email protected]

	[I apologize for the lousy formatting. I'm using
	a Microsoft product to sent this message.]