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Re: "Export" controls

> I am unaware that microshit OS has hard crypto built-in.
I was pointing out a retail parallel, not a crypto parallel.
You sure it's not Microshaft? More meanings.

> The question is how to make money by selling hard crypto in the US.
A little experiment is often a good thing. I heard that the guys who
made the DES cracker have had $$ requests for machines and/or chips.

> To recap, there are no hard crypto drop-in hardware products
> available to general public in the USA today.
In case you missed it, my original reply was an attempt to open
discussion on some type of cooperative effort.

Look at http://www.xilinx.com/products/xc4000XLA.html for prototype
purposes. I wonder how many DES or IDEA engines could be put on a 500K
gate array? It would fit about 35 instantiations of Twofish. That should
be enough for a phone or a disk encryptor.

It's not trivial but -
Products can be done. 
On a shoestring. 
By the right people. 
Even non-geniuses.
Who want to get them done. <-- the key item

No sense pushing the button without critical mass.


A friend's t-shirt many years ago:
  A penny for your thoughts, twenty bucks to act them out.