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Re: Spy & CounterSpy

Anonymous wrote:
> I know this is a little off topic, but has anyone
>  verified the integrity of a web site called
> "Spy & CounterSpy" located at http://www.spycounterspy.com/?
> The site is basically a citizens' guide to
> counterintelligence, and covers topics ranging
> from anonymous email and encryption to evading
> FBI surveillance.
> The author, Lee Adams, claims to have years of
> experience in these areas but I'm wondering if
> this site isn't quite what it appears to be --
> a site put up by some freedom-loving guy who wants
> to help everyone enjoy their privacy.

I'm uncertain as to their intentions.  They do have what seems to be
interesting information as to how Law Enforcement works, but after
subscribing to their "F9" mailing list out of curiosity, it seems that
every other email is a call to join them in their "battle" against
whatever vague enemy they believe they have and to set up "cells."

I don't know if the value of their material and the validity as such,
perhaps a local LEO on this list can verify its accuracy, however,
IMHO, it's best to not get involved with them as they're either very
honest about their intent and thus are in great danger and are a
great danger to others, or are a front for something evil.

What's interesting is that I've not received any more of the F9
messages in a long while, so something is up with them, either that
or because I've shown no interest in joining their "cause"  they've
stopped sending mail.

They're certainly a lot more than just a site put up by freedom 
loving folks, and the web site doesn't display that. 


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