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Re: Matt Blaze arrested???

I'm afraid you're confused.  Whoever this report was about, it
wasn't me:

* I'm not at Lucent Bell Labs. (I'm at AT&T Shannon Labs.)  I'm not
  aware of any other Blaze at either AT&T or Lucent, however.
* I'm not a mathematician. (I'm a computer scientist.)
* I've not been to ORD, or any other midwestern airport,
  since August.  (I do fly a lot, though).
* I never been arrested.  (I did accently set off the antitheft
  detector at a local bookstore once, but they let me go
  when I showed them my reciept).  


>I heard a shocking thing on the radio a few minutes ago.
>I'm <*really*> sorry I didn't hear the whole report but I'm
>hoping someone here can shed some light,
>According to the report a Bell Labs mathematician named
>Blaze was arrested at the O'Hare airport today, in some
>kind of FBI sting operation.  I didn't hear the whole segment,
>but it sounded like it had something to do with passing classified
>(crypto?) information to a foreign government.  The part of
>the report that I heard didn't say what kind of info or what
>he was charged with, but I got the impression that it was either
>some kind of ITAR thing or maybe espionage.  They did
>say it was part of a long term sting operation and mentioned
>something (that I didn't hear clearly) about "other arrests"
>that either already happened or were likely to happen soon.
>Was this Matt Blaze?  It sure sounds like it must be.  Is
>there a crackdown going on? Has anyone else been busted?
>Does anyone have more complete information about this?
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