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SASMF, Part 2

Space Aliens Stole My Freedom, Part 2
Know Your Spineless SheepleNeighbor(TM)

If the banks can be required to Know Their Customers, maybe you
can be required to Know Your Neighbor. This is already an 
established system in Cuba, so importing it should be cheap,
fast and easy.


"Know Your Neighbor" Requirements

AGENCY: Federal Bureau of Investigation

ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking.

SUMMARY: The FBI is proposing to issue regulations requiring
FBI-supervised citizen-residents to develop and maintain 
"Know Your Neighbor" programs. As proposed, the regulations would 
require each citizen-resident to develop a program designed to 
determine the identity of its neighbors; determine its neighbors' 
sources of gossip and political views; determine the normal and 
expected comings and goings of its neighbors; monitor household 
activity for things that are inconsistent with those normal and 
expected activities; and report any activities of its customers that 
are determined to be suspicious, in accordance with the FBI's existing 
suspicious activity reporting regulations. By requiring citizen-
residents to determine the identity of their neighbors, as well as to 
obtain knowledge regarding the legitimate activities of their neighbors, 
the proposed regulations will reduce the likelihood that citizen-
residents will become unwitting participants in illicit activities 
conducted or attempted by their neighbors. It also will level the 
playing field between citizen-residents that already have adopted 
formal Know Your Neighbor programs and those that have not.


Minimum steps to take to comply with the Know Your Customer rule.

Identify the neighbor.

Paragraph (d)(2)(i) requires that the Know Your Neighbor program 
provide a system for determining the true identity of prospective 
neighbors. If a citizen-resident has reasonable cause to believe 
that it lacks sufficient information to know the identity of an 
existing neighbor, paragraph (d)(4)(ii)(A) also requires that the 
program provide a system for determining the identity of that 


Determine the source of people and property.

Paragraph (d)(2)(ii) requires that the Know Your Neighbor program 
provide a system for determining the source of a neighbor's 
possessions and household members. The amount of information needed to 
do this can depend on the type of neighbor in question.

Determine normal and expected comings and goings.

Paragraph (d)(2)(iii) requires that the Know Your Neighbor program 
provide a system for determining a neighbor's normal and expected 
comings and goings involving the citizen-resident. A citizen-resident's 
understanding of a neighbor's normal and expected comings and goings 
should be based on information obtained both when a neighbor 
relationship is established and during a reasonable period of time 
thereafter. It also should be based on normal comings and goings for 
similarly situated neighbors.  Without this information, a citizen-
resident is unable to identify suspicious comings and goings.

Determine if activity should be reported.

Once an activity is identified as inconsistent with normal and expected
behavior, paragraph (d)(2)(v) requires that a citizen-resident
determine if the activity warrants the filing of a Suspicious Activity
Report. This is consistent with a citizen-resident's existing 
obligations under 12 CFR 353.3(a).


A.	Reasons for and objectives of the proposed rule.

The proposed Know Your Neighbor rule is designed to deter and detect
neighborhood crimes, such as plots to establish "Constitutional
government," gathering of information about alleged "crimes" committed
by government agents, and meeting to discuss subversive literature
such as the Constitution.

B.	Requirements of the proposed rule.

The proposed rule would require citizen-residents to identify 
their neighbors, determine their neighbors' normal and expected 
activities, determine their neighbors' sources of possessions and
household members, monitor neighbors' activities to find those that are 
not normal and expected, and, for activities that are not normal and 
expected, identify which are suspicious.

Know Your Neighbor monitoring would be similar to monitoring that 
citizen-residents already do. For example, citizen-residents 
monitor neighbor activities to ensure that comings and goings
exceeding 100 per month are reported under the Neighborhood Secrecy 
Act, to ensure that neighbors do not overuse their driveways and
sidewalks, and to ensure that required comings and goings accurate and 


Editor's Note:

The worst part of this parody is that it's true. Cuba, like most
communist dictatorships, has a highly developed system of block
watchers. They are responsible for all of the foregoing, making
their reports to the secret police.

The U.S. government is instituting a system of "bank account watchers,"
toadies in the supine, excruciatingly closely regulated banking
industry, who will have to "know you," get to know your normal and
expected bank account activity, and watch your bank account activity
to detect and report "Suspicious Transactions."

Welkomm to Orwell's 1984. Welkomm to Nazi Amerika. Hold your arm out
straight... there... this will just sting a bit...

Does anyone not get it yet?

There is _nothing_ in the Constitution that gives the federal
government any power to subject the American people to 
financial surveillance, to restrict or require reporting of
cash transactions in any quantities, to restrict or encumber
firearms ownership to anyone not actually serving time in a 
prison, or to do _any_ of the onerous abominations being thrust 
upon us in new and terrible forms almost daily.

Does anyone not get it yet?

The federal government is forfeiting, just as fast as its
android minions can think up new ways to do it, its last
shreds of any claim to legitimacy. They may as well fly
the skull and crossbones over government buildings. Their
occupation army of marauding thugs is _here_, bringing to
ghastly life the very words of the bill of particulars
laid against King George III of England by the Founders
of this now-decayed, now-corrupt, hollow Republic, in the
Declaration of Independence.

Do they _never_ learn? (Obviously not)

Will we _have_ to go through it all again? (Obviously yes)

Has the line been crossed? (Obviously yes)

Has force been initiated? (Obviously yes)

Has the federal government placed itself outside the law?
(Obviously yes)

So be it.

Cry "Havoc!" and let loose the dogs of war.

The Revolution is upon us. We have nothing to lose but our 
imminent slavery. Sam Adams has a piece of advice: Keep your
own counsel. Translation: Do your own thing and don't look
to prop up your courage with the flawed courage and lack of
trustworthiness of others. Don't be a groupie -- be a

Required re-reading: