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blanc's MIB

At 11:54 PM 12/1/98 -0800, Blanc wrote:
>I received my visit from the friendly IRS guys tonight, asking about CJ/Toto.

How did you authenticate them, or why was it unnecessary?

>Kind of amusingly, one of them asked if CJ had ever asked me to join the
>of Eunuchs!  heh.  

Should have said, "I 'know nothing' about such things"

 One of the investigators
>expressed a great interest in the cpunk dicussions and concepts;  I described
>something of what the list is about and the flow of subscribers through
it, and
>referred him to the archives, saying '94-'95 were some good years.  I'm sure
>given a little time and several dinners we could convert him to the Dark

Or he could have gotten more intelligence from you.