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Re: Fwd: FC: Gun groups take aim at new FBI database

>From [email protected]:

Some of the following statements do not (in my recollection) apply to those
in California... 
>The following statements are true:
>It is legal to own a car without a driver's license or vehicle registration.

In CA only "junk" cars can be unregistered. An unregistered car on private
property can be cited under a long list of circumstances. 

>It is legal to drive an unregistered car without a driver's license (in
>some circumstances).

It is never "legal" to drive an unregistered vehicle (or even tow it
without a trailer) on CA roads. The judge may let you off if you have "a
real good reason". But the cops can and in most cases will cite you!

>No permission is required to purchase a car and felons, the mentally ill,
>children, aliens and those guilty of misdemeanor domestic violence offenses
>can buy cars and most of the above can drive cars on public streets and

I do believe that there are some legal restrictions for children purchasing

>You are not required to report the purchase of a car to anyone.  

Since every car in CA MUST be registered, every change of ownership must be
reported. If you do not you are subject to a fine. They give you ten days
to report the transfer of ownership.

>It is legal to drive a car on public streets and roads in the US with a
>license from any jurisdiction on earth.

Only for a limited period of time in CA...

>It is legal to drive a car on public streets and roads in the US that is
>registered in other states or nations.

Not if the owner is a resident of CA, and again only for a limited period
of time.

>It is legal to drive a car on public streets and roads in the US that is
>owned by and registered to any person or legal entity.
>Legal entities can own and register cars and permit anyone they like to
>drive them.

But they assume all the liability and even possible criminal consequences
for letting unlicensed persons drive the car.

>Note that if we regulated guns like driving, the above would mean that you
>could buy and use a gun on your own property without licensing,
>registration or reporting.

NOT in CA...