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Build Your Own Cable TV Descrambler for less than $9.99.

            Cable Television Descrambler - Easy To Make !
       Build your own Cable Television Descrambler with ONLY 7 parts 
                         from Radio Shack for UNDER $10.00.

         (don't hit reply, please check bottom of message for more references)
(Last minute update: "I've seen my letter and instructions sent by individuals that besides violating copy-right laws, are neither responding to the customer nor providing the original, complete set of plans and instructions. Please be advised you are risking your money and patience by ordering from individuals who know nothing regarding this tech/electrical matter" --Raul Mendez)

Build your own Cable Television Descrambler with ONLY 7 parts 
from Radio Shack for UNDER $10.00.

1 - Radio Shack mini-box (part #270-235)
1 - < watt resistor. 2.2k-2.4k ohm (part #271-1325)
1 - 75pf-100pf variable capacitor (special order)
2 - F61A chassis-type connectors (part #278-212)
12" - No. 12 solid copper wire
12" - RG59 coaxial cable

Tools required:  screwdriver & drill.  Soldering gun & solder (optional).

Get ALL the Premium Movie Channels, Pay per View and Adult Entertainment 
Channels for... FREE, FREE, FREE !!!

Now, if I have your attention... let me tell you how this fantastic 
opportunity came about.

My name is Raul.  I live in New York City, New York.  I have season 
tickets to our citys hockey team.  I invited a friend of mine to one 
of the games this last October.  

He said, "Id love to go if you can have me back home by 10:00 p.m."  I
told him that some games run just past 10:00 p.m. and would he mind we 
stay if the game was close. 

His response was, "No, tonight is the Mike Tyson - Evander Holyfield 
boxing match and I have it on pay per view"  I said, "do you mind if I
watch the fight with you"?  He said, "sure, no problem".  So we go watch
this great fight on cable pay per view and we are the only two guys at 
my friends house.

After the fight (since it was so good) I offered to pay half of the cost
for the fight.  My friends answer was, "no, no, thats not necessary... 
I got the fight for FREE!".  I said to him, "for free, dont those fights
cost around $40.00 a pop?"  He told me, "yes, they do, but I bought a 
cable descrambler box from an acquaintance of mine for $300.00".

He further explained that this "little black box" gets ALL the pay per 
view events available!  It also tunes in ALL the premium movie channels
and ALL the adult entertainment channels.

My response (without hesitation) was, "I gotta have one!"  "$300.00, no
problem where do I pay !!!"  Im serious, I was excited.  Lifetime 
premium movie channels, pay per view and adult entertainment all for a 
one-time fee of $300.00... no way!!!

"No way" was right.  The guy that sold my buddy the box was no where to 
be found. I was really disappointed.  It was now time for desperate 
measures.  I begged and pleaded with my friend until he agreed to let me
take his box apart piece by piece to see how to make one for myself.  

Luckily it was very easy, if it wasnt simple I knew their was a slight
chance it was not going back together so pretty.

Now the rest is history... Ive got my own box which I built with my own
two hands.

Would you like to build one yourself ?!?!  

If so, would you pay $300.00.  Maybe so, maybe not.  Probably not, unless
you saw one work first.  But since that is not possible, I will sell you
a complete set of instructions on how to build one yourself for a measly

You might ask, is this some type of rip-off scam deal.  The answer is NO!
Everything has specific mechanics of how and why they do what they do.  

We are just used to flipping a switch or pushing a button or moving the
mouse across our computer pads.  It all happens because of a certain set 
of processes.  The cable television descrambler is no different.

However, for legal purposes I must add to this letter that this offer and
set of instructions shall be void where prohibited by law and the 
assembling of parts necessary to make this "little jewel" work is for 
educational purposes only. 

To order a set of the instructions send $9.99 by cash, check or money 
order payable to: Raul Mendez Enterprises,  50 Lexington Av suite 209, New York city, NY 10010

I will mail your order out within 24 hours of receiving it.  Further, I 
will give you a refund upon written request if you are unsatisfied for 
any reason.

Happy Holidays !!!


Raul Mendez

P.S.:  The  use of this mini-box if you choose to go on and see if your 
creation works requires no alteration of your existing cable system.
You simply screw it in, right behind your television.

P.P.S.:  Without the instructions its like figuring out how to set the
clock on your VCR.  With the instructions, you are guaranteed success.