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Re: I Got Mine

> >The MIB have a convenient way around this. If you let them in voluntarily,
> >they're nice. If you make them get a warrant, they come back, guns drawn.
> >They barge in and tear the place up for hours. Maybe they'll hack down some
> >of the walls to search for drugs. In the end, you have something which is a
> >cross between a pile of papers, a bunch of dust, electronic parts, wiring,
> >torn up books, destroyed furniture, and a pile of crumbled drywall to call
> >home.

I actually seriously doubt this.

I think that they actually respect people who do not suck up to them,
and know the laws. They are people and, if they have a choice, would
rather harass someone who puts up with it, than someone who can get them
some serious trouble.

	- Igor.