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Re: I Got Mine

>The MIB have a convenient way around this. If you let them in voluntarily,
>they're nice. If you make them get a warrant, they come back, guns drawn.
>They barge in and tear the place up for hours. Maybe they'll hack down some
>of the walls to search for drugs. In the end, you have something which is a
>cross between a pile of papers, a bunch of dust, electronic parts, wiring,
>torn up books, destroyed furniture, and a pile of crumbled drywall to call

Yeah and active evil is better than passive good.

We should submit ourselves to what is Not the law
because we fear what is the law?

Thats a great world, where do I sign up?


Welcome to 1984
as with all goverment projects, its a bit late 
and slightly overbudget
	-Ian Briggs.