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Re: I Got Mine

>Now there's a really intelligent response to the MIB! I think Blanc would
>have done a better self-service to have responded that way.
>MAKE THEM GET A WARRANT! It's your ONLY legal defense against a fishing
>expedition! It's our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to require a warrant before
>letting them in! We are NOT criminals just because we do not allow the MIBs
>to make ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL searches of our properties!
>If they can't convince a judge AND obtain a specifically worded search
>warrant then they are obviously fishing! Tell to go find a real deep lake...
>I also give the writer an A+ for the Clintonian and Reagonesque touches!

The MIB have a convenient way around this. If you let them in voluntarily,
they're nice. If you make them get a warrant, they come back, guns drawn.
They barge in and tear the place up for hours. Maybe they'll hack down some
of the walls to search for drugs. In the end, you have something which is a
cross between a pile of papers, a bunch of dust, electronic parts, wiring,
torn up books, destroyed furniture, and a pile of crumbled drywall to call

Heil Klintonkov! Heil Reno! Heil Freeh!