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RE: I Got Mine

At 02:42 PM 12/3/98 -0800, Tim May wrote:

>It seems to me that when you invite them in for cookies and tea and have a
>"pleasant" conversation with them, you are only helping to put away Toto.
>Whatever you tell them, they will almost certainly only use the negative
>things you tell them. Or the general knowledge you give them, or contact
>lists, etc.
>I have not been contacted by either American or Canadian cops with regard
>to either Jim Bell or Toto. I _hope_ I will have the presence of mind to
>tell them to leave.

The opening of  "HOW TO BREAK THE LAW"

By Duncan Frissell 

For a fair number of readers, the day may come when the men in the funny
suits walk up to you, ask if you are you, and then exercise their power of
arrest. For those without much experience in getting arrested, let me tell
you what in general it will be like (details may vary). 

But first let's review arrest etiquette. Arrest etiquette can be
complicated for the arresting officers but it is easy for the arrestee.
There are only two rules: 1) Keep your mouth shut and 2) Cooperate
physically with the arrest. Following rule two will help preserve your
kidneys, limbs, and skull but following rule one is the most important. 

During the first two years after your arrest, there are only four words
that you should speak to minions of the State in an official capacity: 

"I want a lawyer" 

Say nothing else. You gain NO benefits by saying things to the cops and the
prosecutors for free. If your lawyer cuts a deal for you, you can talk in
exchange for something but once you speak you can't take the words back.
Lawyers are constantly amazed and entertained by the things their clients
tell the cops. Don't say anything. It's stupid.