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Re: I Got Mine

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Blanc wrote:

> I received my visit from the friendly IRS guys tonight, asking about CJ/Toto.
> [...]
> In our conversation, I discovered things that I didn't know about Toto's
> situation [...]

More information is interesting, but it's important to remember that cops
are free to lie to ordinary people and suspects; it's not considered a
violation of your constitutional rights, of the law, or of their
professional standards. Good interrogators/investigators learn to use
social and psychological techniques to gain the results they want - which
may be gaining intelligence, extracting a confession, or isolating a
suspect from their friends/supporters/codefendants.

Just as a reasonable person will likely listen cautiously to an accused
person proclaiming their innocence, a reasonable person should also listen
cautiously when the prosecution proclaims someone's guilt.  

Greg Broiles
[email protected]