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L5 algorithm patent, and free eval version

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Joey Roa wrote:

> My name is Joey Roa and I am Professional Services Team Leader of JAWS
> Technologies Inc.  I have recently become aware of your list.  A colleague
> ...
> The L5 algorithm is not yet published as we are waiting assurances from out
> patent attorneys that we have some protection for marketing purposes.

Hello Joey et all,

Now that L5 has been patented, will you and your colleagues at Jaws
Technology make the L5 algorithm details available to the professional
cryptography community for independant verification. Could you also
provide the Canadian and/or US patent numbers?

(Announcement of L5 patent:

To cypherpunks readers, the free "shareware" version is available from:

I think the coderpunks readers might enjoy playing with this program. It
has proven entertaining so far for me.