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A person who counsels to fail to comply with the Act

Check out this bit of american slavery:

"Failing to register or otherwise comply with the
Military Selective Service Act is, upon conviction,
punishable by a fine of up to $250,000, impris-
onment for up to five years, or both. A person
who knowingly counsels, aids or abets another to
fail to comply with the Act is subject to the same

www.sss.gov/teach3.pdf (for teachers, note)

And this anti-FIJA bit: 

Except as may be authorized by a judge, no person or entity shall
distribute or attempt to distribute any written materials tending to
influence, interfere, or impede the lawful discharge of the duties of a
trial juror, or communicate or attempt to communicate with any person
summoned, drawn, or serving as a trial juror in the Superior Courts in Los
Angeles for purposes of influencing, interfering, or impeding the lawful
discharge of the duties of a trial juror in, or within 50 yards of any
public entrance to, the facilities within which the Superior Courts conduct
jury trials within this County. 

(Rule 5.2 added and effective 7/1/97.)