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RE: I Got Mine

At 9:22 PM -0800 12/2/98, Blanc wrote:

>(On a piece of paper they asked me to write down some of the statements I made
>regarding my limited association with Toto (for the record, in lieu of a court
>appearance), and asked that I also explain what I mean by "spoofing", as I had
>thus described what Toto might have been up to with those incendiary
>At least they were not offensive, but polite and pleasant, but it's true one

Think "Good cop, bad cop."

It seems to me that when you invite them in for cookies and tea and have a
"pleasant" conversation with them, you are only helping to put away Toto.
Whatever you tell them, they will almost certainly only use the negative
things you tell them. Or the general knowledge you give them, or contact
lists, etc.

I have not been contacted by either American or Canadian cops with regard
to either Jim Bell or Toto. I _hope_ I will have the presence of mind to
tell them to leave.

I certainly cannot foresee letting them inside my home, if only because I
expect they would get nervous about the Winchester Defender 12-gauge
sometimes left leaning against a wall, and the various assault rifles left
at the read in case a narc needs to be dispatched.

Also, my time is not free. If they want my expertise on some matter, let
them pay my consulting rate. As this is unlikely to happen, I would simply
(I hope) tell them to leave my property immediately.

(My planned answer, rehearsed in my mind over the several "scares" seen in
recent years, is to say something along the lines of: "Am I under arrest?
If so, I wish to speak to a lawyer. If not, please leave.")

If they want me to speak about assassination markets, the need for killing
millions of political criminals, and the use of anonymous systems for
smashing the state, why would I ever agree to speak with cops?

Blanc, I'm afraid that in your desire to be "helpful," you have only
worsened the situation for Toto. Believe me, they are not interested in
exculpatory evidence...whatever that might be in this context. They are
more likely interested in contact lists, in educating themselves to make
themselves more convincing witnesses, etc. Expect to see any knowledge you
conveighed to them coming back in Toto's trial from the mouths of
prosecution witnesses.

--Tim May

"I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, just the way the President did."
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