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Re: Vengeance Libertarianism

My oh my,

The alternative to outright revolution has historically been to pack up
and ship out to whatever frontier was in vogue. Dangerous, difficult,
but apparently compelling if the home situation sucked badly enough.
Potentially very rewarding to the survivors.

The historical fate of any frontier has been that as soon as it has
become somewat hospitable the shitheads arrive with their carpet bags
and make it over into the same fucking thing that everyone ran away from
in the first place. The first sign of inFESTERation was often a church,
followed by a town hall which filled up quickly enough and shortly
thereafter hired a sheriff to enforce the town gun ban and who
eventually needed more men...

And so the cycle repeats with the virtual frontier we're in right now.
It was just fine until "they" came along to "civilize" it. Unfortunately
backs are to the wall and there is nowhere else to go because SPACE

they        - esRb
to civilize - to own, regulate, commercialize and tax
esRb        - evil, scumsucking, Reptilian bastards

I could probably develop some sort of virtual space cowboy allegory here
that would go on for (p)ages and involve the painful, bloody death of
many an evil villian at the hand of a courageous hero and enough deviant
sex ( whinny ) to keep the audience enthralled to the very end. The
story could probably be continued until well after the traffic has
subsided but what the hell, I like driving 5 mph, it's good for my car's
engine, my patience and the bandwidth shortage.