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RE: What was the quid pro quo for Wassenaar countries?

John Young talked about the way the TLAs are whipping up the War Against
Drugs and the threat od  terrorists,  WMDs and bogies (in English slang
"bogies" are little bits of partially dried snot that plug up your nose...
but  that's by-the-by) and concludes with:

[... If Bruce Hoffman is right ...]

> then the menace of terrorism is worse than that hawked during
> the Cold War. The enemy is not distant, not even ICBM seconds 
> away, but rather it lives amongst us, it's our neighbors readying
> Armageddon not merely a familiar commie takeover. 

Ambulance Driver: "Yeah, Doc, there was a nasty accident out on the

Dr. Bassett: "Bad one, eh?"

Ambulance Driver: "Yeah, a truck and a car collided. Ya know, it was kinda
funny... the truck was carrying a load of the strangest-looking seed pods."

Ken Brown