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Wassenaar News

We spoke with Igor at the WA today to ask about the implementation
report Caspar Bowden said would be coming shortly. It seems that 
Dirk Weicke, the person preparing it (whom Caspar queried), 
is out sick and won't return to work until Thursday.

Another person working on the report, a Mr. Sidbitt (?) is also
out sick but should be back at work tomorrow.

At the moment there is no plan to offer the report on the WA
Web site. Each member will decide how to publicize it.

Igor, a friendly, reminded that the WA staff has no authority,
indeed has an evanescent existence, and is subject to vanishing
without explanation. The paranoid WA members, my words, cut 
no slack, cut-throat control of perfidious news is their modus 

Still, Igor chuckled at my reporting that the perfidious USG will not 
anwser my inquiries, being unable to trust its terrifying citizenry. 
He refused my plea to send a purloined report, a report which,
on the evidence, appears to be quite sickening.