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>Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 22:35:56 -0800
>From: Donna Ferolie <[email protected]>

This message has gone out to firearm owners all over the world as well on
the cdn-firearm chat and cdn-firearm digest.

This message is specifically dedicated to sport shooters from around the
globe. I would like to acknowledge our friends from the U.K, South Africa, Brazil, New
Zealand, Australia and the good old U.S.A. I have just sent out idividual
messages to all of these countries and some others including Germany, Belgium, Austria, Boliva,
Argentina, Aruba Slovakia and Barbados.  If your country has not been listed please
contact me directly. I am trying to develop a list of countries that are logging onto our open
firearms chat line. It is my goal to have firearm owners from every country monitoring and
sharing their experiences.

Please encourage fellow shooters in your country to come on line and
take advantage of this open forum. I fully realize that the primary focus of the Canadian
Firearms Chat Line is aimed at Canadian gun laws; however, there is a great deal of
pertinent international information that could be shared in this medium and we will all be the
beneficiaries if we willfully share our ideas and experiences.

I have another strategy up my sleeve regarding rallying the
international firearm community prior to the final outcome of the United Nations firearms
workshops in the year 2000; therefore it is paramount that we maintain frequent global
communications. I will be exploring some of my ideas with the NRA and the Sporting
Shooters Association of Australia in the new year and floating some draft strategies for open

Moreover, I fully intend on attending most of the United Nations firearm
workshops therefore having everyone connected to one open forum would assist
me in getting this information out all of you in a quick concise manner.

I've had a few myopic individuals ask me why I should be so concerned
about gun control in other countries ?  As far as I am concerned we should all be
concerned -VERY concerned ! When one of our sister countries falls we should all feel
their pain and learn something valuable, because we may be next. We cannot for a minute
forget about the draconian laws rammed down the throats of other Commonwealth countries
in particular or any free-thinking society. Can we really delude ourselves into
thinking that it couldn't happen here- don t kid yourself, as I write, the erosion of our rights
is going down the same path as Australians are treading, faster than we care to admit, and
we all should instinctively know it?  How would Canadians like to have all of their
semis and pump shotguns and rifles declared illegal and confiscated overnight by a
communist-leaning, bleeding heart liberal government- think about it !!

It is important for Canadians to realize that countries all over the
world feel no different that we do. They feel just as vulnerable and thus are seeking guidance
and support. We are in an excellent position to offer assistance to each other via this open
forum. I truly believe we can learn from each others  mistakes and triumphs. Perhaps if we can
tap into this universal intelligence on a continuous basis we could overtake the
mighty Goliath.

If time permits I would like to post the names of all anti-firearm NGO's
and their meetings which are going on simultaneously all over the world as we speak. I
think it is high time that we banded together as one solid global unit in an effort to
effectively launch a counter attack against those that take glee in the gradual
erosion of our civil rights and liberties.

A frequent complaint about this type of forum is the problem of
receiving an excessive number of messages, but I believe the rewards associated with this
hassle far out weigh the inconvenience. I care very much that our friends in South Africa are now
subject to new guns laws. I am sickened by what has transpired in Australia and the
U.K. I want the world to know how crime has escalated in Brazil and yet they live under
the most stringent gun control laws. As a point of interest the " boys from
Brazil " will be preparing a written paper outlining this very fact which I will present on their
behalf to the anti-gun Brazilian delegation at the next U.N workshop in Vienna in the latter
part of Jan/99.

In conclusion, if you are interested in banding together as one strong
universal voice, then get your friends connected to this open chat /and or digest.  Let us not
lose focus of our own battle at home, but let us not turn a blind eye to our global
neighbours  struggles.

I understand that English is a problem for some of you, but we are
understanding and we willing to work through any language barriers. So please do NOT feel
uncomfortable to communicate with us - we d love to hear what has transpired in your
country !

Remember, repeated blows to the lower extremities will eventually cause
the giant to fall !

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line by

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2) e-mailing the following address for both chat & digest:
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Donna Ferolie

Keep up the fight!

Donna Ferolie

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