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[Fwd: y2k/gary north delusions]


Igor Chudov @ home wrote:
> Well... The answer is that there is much less washing needed for
> survival than it is needed for day to day civilized American life.
> For instance, I change my shirts every day. If shit hits the fan,
> you can wear a shirt for two weeks. Similar story is with other
> clothes.

This is a good one.  What about the other half of American life (the
uncivilized?). You know, the americans who live in those old
refrigerator cartons? The ones that nobody sees?  I think they get more
than 2 weeks out of their shirts.

The sad fact is that city brats haven't got the faintest idea what
survival is all about  (you mean I have to *walk* to the supermarket?).
It was in the 1890's when Queen Victoria issued an edict that forced all
the english to 'bathe at least once a year'.

Sit back and enjoy the carnival.