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[Fwd: y2k/gary north delusions]

William J. Hartwell dropped this in my mailbox ...

<toilet talk trimmed out>

>That's the fun part, figuring out how it could all be made to work.
>Unfortunately it's more likely that the sheeple will cry out for guvmint
>intervention to continue the flow of goodies, to which the western world
>has become addicted.
>IMHO, the military will be brought in to dig the latrines. Hoarders will
>be strung up for not redistributing their wealth in approved socialist
>style. Rewards will be posted for informing on a neighbor who is (may
>be) a hoarder (5% of the take?). 

Related to this... have you folks seen this thread going around some of the
y2k preparedness groups?

"..... its illegal to store more than 30 days of food ?....."

These folks are refering to some info on a web page related to executive


This one I think needs some FUD busting...and no one does that better than
you guys!

					William J. Hartwell
					  Queencreek, Az.

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