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Re: y2k/gary north delusions

The Hudson River on the west side of Manhattan reportedly
has twelve feet of shit on its bottom, and a permit from the US
Corp of Engineers is needed to disturb it for pier construction
and repair -- and to extend the island for yet another criminal
expansion for the public good: next up is another hotshit
Guggenheim satellite museum by Frank Gehry to match his 
Balboa big holer.

Many sewage lines of the West Side still dump raw sewage
into the river while plans for new sewer systems languish for
lack of funding -- the most recent plant on the Hudson cost in 
excess of $1 billion, has a park on top, is an architectural award
winner, and still stinks like Madonna in church. Though less 
than the surrounding nabes from which the gagging aliens
flee to the shit plant deck which is a 100 feet above the
river and offers Titanic like panoramas, that is, far enough above
the river that the night's floaters/skin-bros are overlookable.

Tis true that rivers and oceans are prosperity's sewage treatment
system, as ever, the best recycling system ever confected by nature 
to handle the effluvia of progress, for refreshing water, air and 
importing cheap-labor illegals (now how to stop them fucking
for recreation, their brats siphoning our hard-stole American birthright 
to profit by the globe's suffering, hurray we got Ks of Terrorist Nukes).

Still, environmental terrorism is booming. Cleanup of the National
Security Apparatus will take decades and $ trillions. Health damage
remediation will take many times that. Shit in streets is a puny task in
comparison to those, not even worth planning for -- well, dog shit
is a big headache in Guiliani's disorderly mind.

Yes, NYC as with other large cities are dumps for the rest of the
country. Yes, going to the country makes me gag -- pity the poor 
rubes, how can they bear the lack of civilized rot and stench.
Oh well, it's TCM's evolution in action: only shit-innoculated mutants 
will inhale the sublime Y2K halitosis of the programmers of built-in
breakdown, vainglorious national planners.