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Commerce Hacked?

Since some time after the Department of Commerce issued the 
recent press release on Wassenaar the site (www.doc.gov) has not 
been accessible, at least not from here.

The press release section of the International Trade
Administration (www.ita.doc.gov), David Aaron's org, for a while 
had a notice that updating was being done and the site would 
be fixed shortly. Then the ITA site  disappeared, along with the 
main DoC site.

We spoke with a public affairs rep at DoC before this happened
and to inquire when the department would issue detailed information
to flesh out the press release. I said there was a furor over Aaron's 
spin, and much skepticism of its validity. She said she would check 
and call back but hasn't.

Wonder if the site was hacked, from the outside or inside.