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Frequent Asked Questions Re: $9.99 to build your own

              (FAQ) Frequent Asked Questions --CABLE TV DESCRAMBLER
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 Hello!!!   =)

 "Thank you for requesting more information about the Cable Television 
 I've been asked so many good questions that I left unanswered in my
 first letter.  For that reason, I have put together this Question & Answer letter. 
 I apologize in advance for not being able to answer each of your  
 questions personally.  The response has been overwhelming. "
 Q: Will the descrambler on Fiber, TCI, Jarrod and satellite systems? 
 A: The answer is YES.  In respect to satellite, you just get MORE stuff!  
 Q: Do I need a converter box? 
 A: This plan works with or without a converter box.  Specific instructions 
 are included in my plans for each! 
 Q: Where can I find the 75pf-100pf variable capacitor, Radio Shack doesnt
 have it?   
 A: Many Radio Shacks do have it.  However, you have two other  
 options.  1st call a radio speciality supply store in your area that  
 is listed in the yellow pages.  2nd you can order the capacitor from me. 
 If needed I will mail you as many as you need for the price (s) below. Im not trying to make a profit out of it, just want to help you. Ill wrap it carefully and send it to you only if you send me a self addressed #10 size padded envelope,  with 64c postage affixed.	

1-10 	      75pf - 100pf variable capacitor      	$12.99 ea.		
20-Up 		................      $ 10 ea.
 Q: Can the cable company detect that I have the box? 
 A: No, the signal descrambles right at the box and does not move back  
 through the line.
 Q: Do I have to alter my existing cable system, television or VCR? 
 A: The answer is no. 
 Q: Does this work with my remote control? 
 A: The answer is no.  It's a manual kind of thing... but very easy.   
 Have your spouse or significant other get off the couch to do the deed! 
 Q: Can you email me the plans? 
 A: No, the plans come with an easy to follow picture guide. 
 Q: Does this work everywhere across the country? 
 A: I have friends in four states and one in England and Brasil that use the same  
 parts and the same plans and they are all successful. 
 Q: Is this deal guaranteed? 
 A: Yes, if you are unhappy for any reason I will refund your money. 
 Q: Is this a rip off or a scam? 
 A: No, if it were Id charge $50.00 or more for the plans.  Be sure I not  
 going to damn myself to hell by ripping you off for a measly $9.99 or  
  Q: When I order, when will I get my stuff? 
 A: I mail out all orders within 24 hours of receiving it... IF YOU SUPPLY  
 Q: Again, How much does it cost to get the instructions plans and the easy to follow diagrams? 
 A:To order a set of the instructions send $9.99 by cash, check or money  
 order payable to: RMS Enterprises  Send to:  50 Lexington Ave, Suite 209 /  New York City, NY  10010.
 Q: Can you give me a list of the parts again? 
 A: Yes.
  1 - Radio Shack mini box (part #270-235) 
 1 -  watt resistor 2.2K - 2.4K ohm (part #271-1325) 
 1- 75pf-100pf variable capacitor (special order) 
 2 - F61a chassis-type connectors (part #278-212) 
 12" no. 12 solid copper wire 
 12" RG59 coaxial cable
 Q: I lost your address, could you give it to me again. 
 A: 50 Lexington Ave, Suite 209 /  New York City, NY  10010 USA 
 Q: How can I pay for this? 
 A: Check, Money Order or Cash.  Sorry, no credit cards accepted.
 I look forward to your order.

Raul Mendez Enterprises   (RMS Enterprises)
 Kindest Personal Regards,
     Raul Mendez