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Government-enraging programs

John Young writes:
> What would help is a list from experts on what are the most gov-enraging 
> programs. We'd like to offer a few of those on jya.com, to test BXA's up-and-
> running crypto-enforcement program, maybe get some jail and trial pleasure,
> it's been too quiet on Bernstein, Junger, Karn, et al, a deliberate gov-stall,
> awaiting Wassenaar.

One way to determine which programs are the best for this purpose would be
to study what various governments have taken some action on.  Some obvious ones:

  PGP (various versions, high level of government interest)
  Snuffle (extended US litigation)
  All the AES candidates (strictly-controlled dissemination from NIST)
  SecureOffice (Charles Booher's program -- US government has taken action)
  Applied Cryptography disk (US export license denied)

It would also be nice to have an infrastructural component, such as (when
ready for mass distribution) the Linux/FreeSWAN IPSec release; this doesn't
have quite the cachet of programs on which the government has already weighed
in, though.
	Jim Gillogly
	Sterday, 18 Foreyule S.R. 1998, 17:40, 10 Chuen 4 Mac, First Lord of Night