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Re: The problem with 'Gilmore's RSAREF' site...

Duncan Frissell  wrote:

>Save that the cowards have never busted anyone for crypto exports.  It's
>dead letter law.  They know they'd lose a criminal case against a civilian.

But isn't the punishment a fine rather than a bust. With the usual grabs
of income and possessions if you don't pau. And then being listed on the
dreaded "Entities Index," BXcommunicated.

Sure, you can take it to trial, and BXA reports on those at its Web site,
actually crows about them, the wins, that is. No losses are ever
posted, lacking a reporting system for those.

In any case, these pockets are bottomless, so mega-fines are just fine, the 
FUSG gonna be in really deep deficit denial if it forfeitures this blackhole.