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Re: Export of PGP Illegal in Denmark. Threatened w. jail (fwd)

>This is a true story. Denmark now - along with the whole EU - has
>assimilated US-crypto laws.
>I just had a phone conversation with the danish ministry of commerce,
>the export control division. The kind lady I spoke to threatened me with
>fines or jail for up to two years.
>For having PGP for free download on my homepage!
>I called the division to hear about the Wassenaar arrangement on
>export-restrictions on strong crypto and its consequences. So I ask this
>lady something like: I have this strong crypto program called PGP on my
>homepage. What should I do. Does this Wassenaar arrangement concern me?
>	'It sure does', she replies, and start to ask a lot of questions about
>my homepage - does it have unlimited global access etc. And then she
>says: 'You better take it down', and starts to reiterate the legal
>aspects, e.g. two laws from EU on export restrictions.
>	Specifically she points out the penal code: Fines. Jail.
>	So...

What you say in this case is "The Wassenaar arrangement was changed in
secret a few days ago.  It is merely advisory.  Has the efficient Denmark
bureaucracy had time to change the laws and regs since then or are you just
blowing hot air?"