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Re: Building crypto archives worldwide to foil US-built Ber

David Beroff wrote:

>Wait a sec.  Maybe I'm confused.  I thought you were talking about
>mass-mirroring the  *content*  of key sites, not just the URL pointers.
>I would imagine that a small committee would have to "edit" by 
>suggesting what should and shouldn't be included; one must realize
>that if the final file is too large, people will be discouraged from

Yes, Gilmore's proposal was to mirror the contents; URLs threaten
no reg-makers.

Yep, mirrors of everything would be very large. We've heard already
that folks would like help in knowing what to mirror if they can't do
large archives, or can't easily decide which are most important. 

My advice so far: mirror whatever you can until better advice comes forth. 
Prime need: many mirrors of the strongest stuff, especially anything above 
40-bits, that is anything that now requires a US export license (which appears
to be where Wassenaar wildebeests and the domestic US is being stampeded).

What would help is a list from experts on what are the most gov-enraging 
programs. We'd like to offer a few of those on jya.com, to test BXA's up-and-
running crypto-enforcement program, maybe get some jail and trial pleasure,
it's been too quiet on Bernstein, Junger, Karn, et al, a deliberate gov-stall,
awaiting Wassenaar.